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        I think too much
        I really do

        I began the blog, Karma of Dove, in 2010, and stopped when an illness got in the way of it all in 2012.

        It's 2018 and I'm back to that space in my head where I'm comfortable sharing my thoughts.

        EDITORIAL × April 10, 2018 K Jovie – World As Ecstasy This wasn't the case with K Jovie, a model from Austin, Texas. We'd been trying to sync up for over a month with our respective schedules being all over the place. Jovie is working on developing a ... READ MORE MUSIC × April 7, 2018 Dreamworld – DJ Set of Deep Tech and House Music The DJ Set, Dreamworld, is the sound of something coming back alive in me. I didn't realize something in me had been dead because I didn't feel depressed and I am happy. Sure I'd all but stopped l... READ MORE MUSIC × March 28, 2018 Night – DJ Set of Deep Tech and House Music The DJ Set, Night, was inspired by the years I spent on the road. This DJ set reflects the sound coming from long lonesome roads stretching out into the horizon at night. It's the sound ... READ MORE MUSIC × March 27, 2018 Bedtime Stories – DJ Set of World Music and Indie Dance Bedtime Stories is a compilation of tracks of world music and indie dance, representing the first serious effort I'd placed in DJing since leaving New York City and hitting the road in 2014. The ti... READ MORE LIFE × March 26, 2018 Brooklyn Nights – Behind the Visual Essay Good-bye to all that, Brooklyn. I remember a time just before kicking my life into Kerouac mode and hitting the road and leaving the city for good where I'd spend Friday nights people watching on the... READ MORE LIFE × March 26, 2018 Desert Road of Night For years I'd dream of desert roads in New Mexico and the night sky. So much so that in 2010 I wrote about it. Little did I know the dreams were a foreshadowing of things to come. It's now 2018 and I'... READ MORE