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Karma of Dove – Eduardo Vega Colon – Artist in Texas

Rather than talk about myself in the third person let me be real and direct.

I’m Eduardo Vega Colon.

I take pictures and write and, sometimes, create the occasional DJ set because I want to be able to say of myself that I’m photographer, writer, and electronic musician.
Eduardo Vega Colon next to a street art mural at the Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn New York

The time for identifying myself as a disabled veteran of the first Gulf War has passed.

The time for identifying myself as a man who used to be a technology consultant has passed.

The time for identifying myself as someone who survived and struggled in the aftermath of 9/11 has passed.

One World Trade Center as seen from Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, New York City.
From that spot in Washington Square Park I remember the Twin Towers, how it once stood and now it’s where One World Trade now stands.
The one thought crossing my mind as I took photos that night.
“There is no perfection only life.”
— Milan Kundera
It goes on.


I am my experience but not my pain

And I am not a victim.

Before it all I was a teenager with a love of photojournalism and carried my Nikon FM2 everywhere I went.

Before it all I shared my poems at open mic readings throughout New York City’s Lower East Side and afterwards I’d dance all night long to house music and sometimes be asked to DJ until the sunrise.

I’d been broken once before, after the Gulf War, but all those things were the gold that had joined back together the pieces of my broken spirit and in the years after 9/11 I realized I needed to do the same, again.

Karma of Dove

Before it all I had a girlfriend who’d whenever I’d wake up screaming at night she’d read to me poems by Pablo Neruda, Rumi, and anything else that showed me, through the song of words, the beauty in life.

She also had read to me the 2nd Chorus from Jack Kerouac’s Mexico City Blues.

Wild Men

Who Kill

Have Karmas

Of ill

Good Men

Who Love

Have Karmas

Of dove

I remembered it and how she’d remind me that it didn’t matter if I’d been a wild man once before; that was gone. It was done. Be a good man now and focus on love. It was at her suggestion in 2010 I create a blog and name it, Karma of Dove, based on that sentiment. It was in her memory that I reestablished this site in 2018, at a moment in my life where I’m at my happiest.

The goals of this blog

The work published under the moniker Karma of Dove focuses on what I enjoy in photography, literature, and music. This is my space and anything I share here was created by me and is borne out of my all of my experiences. It’s unique to me and is my personal truth. It may not sync up with others and how they see the world and that’s fine. Those people are more than welcome to go elsewhere. To you who made it this far in my bio, thank you for looking me up!

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