I Wish You Were Here – The Bootleg Remixes

        I first heard the track, I Wish You Were Here by John Creamer & Stephane K, on Global Underground’s Moscow edition with Deep Dish back in 2002.

        The track always stuck with me because of the longing I’d hear in the vocals. It had always resonated with me. Years later, when I was going through a difficult period in my life remixing the track helped me express something I was unable to through words.

        The Love Siren Remix:

        Created at a time in my life when I was dealing with my very own love siren.

        February 2013


        The Stardust Remix:

        Created when I was kicking it Kerouac style across the American Southwest in 2014 and 2015 and reflects a mood behind my current writing project; a novel I plan on calling Bedtime Stories.

        It’s nice looking back, seeing how far I’ve come and were it not for these remixes I would not remember the feeling, which I gladly accept with the good; without knowing the night one can’t appreciate the light. I know I’m paraphrasing some quote but whatever. 🙂


        PREV. ITEM Young lovers at a lounge in SoHo, Manhattan by Eduardo Vega Colon. NEXT ITEM Desire – DJ Set Inspired by the Movie, Before Sunrise
        August 8, 2018




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