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Dreamworld – DJ Set of Deep Tech and House Music

April 7, 2018

The DJ Set, Dreamworld, is the sound of something in me coming back alive.

I didn’t realize something in me had been dead because I didn’t feel depressed and I am happy.

Sure I’d all but stopped listening to music and had stopped writing but in the grand scheme of things I am happy.

I think the awakening from this deep sleep of spirit has come about because of my work as a photographer and because my aim is to create powerful images I’ve had to really connect with the people I photograph; these are young men and women who are trying to find their way in the world, to overcome some really serious issues, and just survive.

I think I’ve had to feel because I remember what it was like when faced with similar challenges. I reconnected with this sadness in me that feels now feels beautiful at the same time. I’m in my late 40s and I am still here and it’s something I remind the models who trust me enough to let me in and connect.

Life gets better.

I feel alive again and music now fills me with pleasure and I have so much desire to write.

It all feels like a dream now.

Hence the DJ set.

Because I’m moody as fuck, the set reflects that, starting chill before blowing it all up in the middle.

Take a listen and enjoy it. Now back to taking pictures.

00:00 Sven Weisemann – D Psalm
05:54 Route 8 – I Can’t
12:27 Nina Kraviz – I’m Week
21:08 Deepchord – Glow
24:15 Nina Kraviz – Sheer
28:46 Sven Weisemann – Evolver
36:54 Hostox – Emilio Gaviria
37:46 Karma of Dove – The Loopacolypse
38:35 Nina Kraviz ft. Luke Hess – Remember (Epic Moment Mix)
42:27 Egotrip (Roger Sanchez) – Dreamworld
47:40 Sven Tasnadi & Juno 6 – Hotel Seeblick (Marko Furstenberg Remix)
58:06 Guy Gerber ft. Puff Daddy – Terminal K
63:26 Karma of Dove – Dreamworld Breakdown
64:37 Desolate – Withering Beauty
69:25 Sven Weisemann – D Psalm (OUTRO)