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Night – Dark & Melodic House / Techno DJ Set

January 2, 2019

A dark and melodic house and techno DJ set, compiled and remixed December 29, 2018 in front of a small gathering of house music exiles in Houston, Texas.

Most times, when I feel the motivation to sort through hundreds of tracks that all sound the same to me and create a DJ set it’s because I am feeling a particular way that none of my other artistic outlets allow for me to express in a way I feel I could be heard and understood.

Lately, I have been feeling dark and vicious; I don’t regard that as negatives given that I have the ability to channel this feeling in the work I do every morning in the gym as a power lifter and strength coach. Afterwards, whatever is left of this feeling, after my gym work, I then channel it into my art.

This set is the sound of that dark and vicious feel – the energy that fuels my desires and motivations as the man I am today, who will forever be haunted by lone desert roads, moon light shining on desolate landscapes, and the stars above shining brilliant and bright.

This is the sound of my carving whatever joy I can from the day, regardless of what the day is like, knowing the absurdity of it all.

It’s up to me to create meaning in my life.

This is the art.

The last time I felt this way was in 2016.

I had created a DJ set back then to express that feeling and I called it Night.

Take a listen to the what this sounds like for me in 2019.

Enjoy! Will be posting a video to this soon.


  1. 00:00 Verik – The Roxy
  2. 04:07 Genius of Time – Tight Genes
  3. 11:35 Genius of Time – Same Old Place
  4. 18:02 DSF – Arpeggiated Souls
  5. 25:52 Carlo Whale & BeeGee – Bipolar Disorder (Modeplex Remix)
  6. 33:27 Davi – Keyser Soze
  7. 40:00 Apo Tulup – Mandrake
  8. 46:00 Signal One & Rising Sun – Nomad
  9. 52:25 Apo Tulup – Parabolic (Balcazar Remix)
  10. 58:07 Modeplex – Dark Sun Monument
  11. 63:00 Cristoph- The Duel