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The DJ Set, Night, was inspired by the years I spent on the road.

This DJ set reflects the sound coming from long lonesome roads stretching out into the horizon at night.

It’s the sound of having moved away from all the ghosts that roamed the streets in dreams of my past life in New York City before 9/11, before heart break, before illness forced me to move away far away.

It’s the sound of driving over countless desolate roads, winding through ghost towns and vast empty space, in the blue hour before sunrise and at the golden hour before sunset.

It’s the sound playing in my head on those long drives where all I did was think and tried coming to terms with all that came about between, December 28, 2010, when I wrote Desert Road of Night, and now, September 6, 2016.

How I almost lost my life.

Since then, that desert road of night ended in Texas and my arriving at a place of joy and peace.

No more ghosts hovering on the side of roads in my dreams; no more dreams.

No more fear.

I’m finally home.

The sound at the end of this DJ set reflects a moment in my life where I didn’t think that was possible.

Take a listen and enjoy.


  1. Space Frog – (X-RAY) Follow Me (Sternenwelt Edit) – INTRO
  2. Linkwood – Love Lost (Karma of Dove Edit)
  3. Sven Weisemann – Elution
  4. Yokto – Devadatta (Karma of Dove Edit)
  5. INIT – Blackbird (Cliff Lothar Remix)
  6. Dream Weapons – Moonland (Jens-Uwe Beyer Remix)
  7. Sven Weisemann – Nijo (Karma of Dove Edit)
  8. Vermont – Majestät (DJ Tennis Edit)Beginning of Karma of Dove Loopocalypse
  9. Reno Wurzbacher – The Love You Got (Sven Weisemann Closeness Mix)
  10. Sven Weisemann – Icaria
  11. Manuel Tur – 121 BPM
  12. DJ Deep & Roman Poncet Present Adventice: Extraction – Extracapsular Extraction
  13. Space Frog – (X-RAY) Follow Me (Sternenwelt Edit) – OUTRO

Night – DJ Set of Deep Tech and House Music