From the portfolio of Karma of Dove - Young woman in black lingerie with arms up posing in boudoir in Austin Texas


            For a number of years my photography portfolio had a focus on street, city and landscapes, and astrophotography. That approach allowed me to keep people at a distance and focus on a more documentary style which appealed to my love for photojournalism.

            In recent years, I worked on that aspect of myself that didn’t want to engage, for whatever reasons my irrational fears dictated I should not engage, and pushed myself to not fear and feel anxious and welcome people close for no other reason other than to be welcoming of others, not for the purpose of photography business, but because I wanted to connect.

            My current portfolio reflects that and is available at the website I’ve setup for my photography work in Texas. There you will not see anything other than others engaging back with me and the look in their eyes telling me I never had anything to fear of people; not everyone is out to hurt.


            Eduardo Vega Colon Photography


            Portraits and editorial style of photography.

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